FahidFarid_DProsthodontics is one of the thirteen dental specialties recognised by the General Dental Council. Our specialist prosthodontists are Dr Farid Fahid and Dr Farid Monibi.

A prosthodontist will have undergone a further three years of full-time study in the discipline of restoring and replacing teeth, utilising dental implants, crowns, bridges, veneers or dentures as required through to comprehensive and complex full mouth reconstruction.

At 76 Harley Street, our prosthodontic specialists work with the UK’s top dental laboratories to produce restorations that are of the finest quality. Our aim is always to balance optimal and long-term function with improved appearance.

By choosing 76 Harley Street for your prosthodontic treatment you also have the benefit of a multi-disciplinary team of dental specialists; as part of your treatment you may require advice or treatment from these other dental specialists. The advantages of having all our team in-house include increased cost effectiveness, reduced treatment times and the optimal clinical outcome.

Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMD or TMJ)

Prosthodontists are also able to treat temporomandibular joint disorders, commonly known as TMD or TMJ. These are problems that affect the jaw joint and the muscles that control the jaw and can cause severe pain or discomfort to the sufferer. At 76 Harley Street we are experienced in treating TMD/TMJ and most patients will find relief through simple measures that will not result in damage to their teeth.


Whilst dental implants are the most modern approach to replacing missing teeth, they are not necessarily the best or the most preferred option for everyone. Financial commitments aside, if you are a satisfied denture wearer or you’ve been advised that implants are not suitable, visit prosthodontist Dr Farid Fahid for life-like, functional and most importantly, comfortable, dentures.

Dentures made by Farid will be one of the most precise things ever made for you. Bring a photo of how you want your smile to look and allow us to create your dentures to your exact specification.