Periodontal (Gum) Treatment

Hatem Profile PhotoHealthy gums are the essential foundation for all other dental treatment. Any inflammation or bleeding is a clear sign that the gums are not as healthy as they should be. Hatem Algraffee is our periodontist – he specialises in the health and treatment of the gums.

Gum health

Patients come to see Hatem for treatment and advice to make their gums – and the underlying bone – as healthy as possible.

Teeth are often lost as a result of gum disease and bone loss. Teeth should be firmly held in place by the bone around their roots, but if gum disease is left untreated and deep gum ‘pocketing’ persists, some of the supporting bone will probably also be lost. This leads to the teeth becoming loose, and can end with teeth having to be removed.

A consultation with Hatem usually last for about an hour, during which time he will carry out a very thorough examination and discuss with you the treatment that he recommends. He will explain the likely cause of any gum problems you may have as well as the treatment that is necessary to put things right.

It is not just a matter of carrying out treatment in the practice – he will also advise on improved methods of brushing and/or flossing and how to maximise your gum health by your own efforts at home.

He will advise you on any treatment alternatives there may be, and the likely outcomes. Low dose digital x-rays will be used as necessary.


For patients who have deep gum pocketing, Hatem’s treatment will usually include ‘debridement’ of the root surfaces. This treatment is a very thorough cleaning of the root surfaces, which allows the gums to become healthier and re-attach to the roots.

He then monitors the improvements in gum health over the following months, giving his patients the necessary support and encouragement to maintain really good levels of dental home care. In nearly all cases this treatment results in a significant reduction in the pocketing and a great improvement in general gum health.

Surgical gum treatment

Hatem also carries out surgical treatment as necessary for individual sites. This may be to reduce persistent pocking or to replace gum tissue (grafting) in areas where it has been lost.

Smoking is always detrimental to gum health, so our patients are always advised to stop completely. Smoking also significantly reduces the success rates for implants.

Dental implants

Hatem is also very experienced in the placement of implants to replace missing teeth, and building up of the bone (augmentation, or ‘re-generation’) where it has been lost.