Orthodontic Treatment

Jamie_Gwilliam‘Ortho’ is the Latin for correct and ‘odont’ means tooth, so an orthodontist puts the teeth in the right place and in the right alignment.

Our specialist orthodontist is Jamie Gwilliam, who treats both adults and children.

Today’s orthodontic techniques are a long way from the traditional dark metal brackets – Jamie uses either natural shade ceramic brackets or clear aligners.

The first step is a consultation during which time there will be plenty of time for to discuss in detail what your concerns are, and for him to explain what treatment alternatives there are.

Some digital x-rays and photographs will probably be taken to help with treatment planning.

Alternative treatments

For most adults we can offer two types of orthodontic treatment:

  • Natural shade ceramic brackets bonded to the lip side of the teeth
  • Invisalign aligners

Jamie will outline the alternatives and recommend the most appropriate treatment option for you after consideration of all the relevant factors.

Most of our patients choose the ceramic brackets, which give a very good result in terms of both aesthetic acceptability and the speed and accuracy with which the treatment is completed. The wire he uses which connects the brackets can be white rather than silver for even better aesthetics.

Results of treatment

Successful orthodontic treatment can make a huge difference.

  • Clearly, the main improvement for most people will be in their appearance and their ability to smile with confidence.
  • It is also very much easier to keep straight teeth clean and healthy. There are inevitably difficult cleaning areas between crowded teeth, and gum inflammation is often unavoidable.
  • The final benefit is likely to be the functional aspect of a well balanced ‘bite’, with each tooth playing its part in the biting and chewing process.