Specialist Dentistry at 76 Harley Street

Why should you come to a specialist dental practice?

Dentists who have particular skills and experience, and with the right postgraduate qualifications, can apply to be registered as specialists by the General Dental Council.

The dentists at 76 Harley Street have all completed many years of extra study after their initial training, and our patients can have total confidence in their abilities.

As a specialist practice, we also have equipment and materials that a general practice would probably not have.

Most of our patients come to us through the recommendation of a friend or a referral by their general dentist for specific treatment.

We have an in-house multi-disciplinary approach to dental health, providing co-ordinated and effective treatment.  The specialists have worked together as friends and colleagues since the practice opened in 2007, and have a very high regard for each others’ skills.

We enjoy working together, which makes for a confident and happy environment.

Please see OUR TEAM page for information about the individual dentists and our ancillary team.