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About Safe MMA


Housed at The Centre for Health and Human Performance, 76 Harley Street and run on a not-for-profit basis, SAFE MMA is headed by leading experts from the world of Sport and Exercise Medicine and Sports Science:

Dr. Michael Loosemore provides medical expertise to the Amateur Boxing Association of England and is the Chief Medical Officer for the Commonwealth Games. He has travelled extensively with national squads to the Olympic and Commonwealth Games and also the World and European Championships.

Professor Greg Whyte is the preeminent authority on Physiology and Sports Performance in the UK. Alongside Clinical Director, Dr Jack Kreindler, they specialise in optimising athletic performance for Olympic and extreme sports.

76 Harley Street attracts a host of elite, international sports names. Founding UK MMA advisors include fight promotions Cage Warriors, UCMMA and BAMMA, alongside World ranked Flyweight fighter and osteopath, Dr. Rosi Sexton and Internationally renowned referee, Marc Goddard - both of whom have been involved in the British MMA scene since its inception and both remain consistently active in the promotion of fighter wellbeing. Marc Goddard runs the only accepted MMA Referee course in the UK.

Safe MMA's Founding Promotions
The following promotions are the first to have committed to the Safe MMA initiative and have been united in their generosity and collaboration with the medical team to ensure the success of this project. We welcome all other promotions to join this initiative and support the aims of Safe MMA across the entire UK. See the links to the right for more information and to register.
BAMMA's VP of Talent Relations, Jude Samuel said:

"BAMMA is really proud to be on board with Safe MMA. The launch of this project marks a major step forward for MMA in this country as different promotions have come together to focus on the wider issues affecting the sport. One thing we all have in common is a concern for the medical safety of athletes. I urge all UK promotions, gyms and fighters to join us in signing up to Safe MMA to make a stand for fighter safety and to help protect and legitimise the sport in the UK."
Cage Warrior's Director, Graham Boylan said:

“This initiative is a huge step in the right direction for MMA in the UK. The sport in this country is still in its infancy to an extent so we at Cage Warriors welcome the introduction of SAFE MMA and we’re very pleased to be involved. “The safety and well-being of fighters is our utmost priority. We’ve always endeavoured to do things the right way for the good of fighters’ health. Last year we introduced mandatory blood-testing, which one is just one example of what needs to be done.
“Fighters sacrifice so much and really put themselves on the line, so the onus is on the likes of us to introduce measures to ensure that it’s possible for them to showcase their talents in as safe an environment as possible. “The introduction of SAFE MMA will bring UK MMA another step closer to where it needs to be and I would urge all fighters, gyms and promotions to get involved. “This really is essential for the future of our sport. As long as this is in place and supported well it will be a game-changer for MMA in this country.”

Dave O'Donnell, Managing Director UCMMA:

"Its been a long time in the making but at last steps are being made to make MMA safe in this country. Fighters want it, trainers want it and so do promotions: Safe MMA is the best thing to happen for this sport for years. UCMMA AND MYSELF ARE BEHIND THIS 100%. It's going to take time and not going to be easy but Rome wasn’t built in a day; so let's get building and bring this sport to the next level."

UKMMAF Representatives on SafeMMA Board

Marc Goddard (SafeMMA Founding Board Member) said:

“I am very excited and personally thrilled at the launch of Safe MMA here in the UK. Since its inception and our initial discussions the goal for me has been clear – to help raise and maintain the safety standards by which Mixed Martial Artists compete here in the UK. For me there was simply no other place to start, other than the single most important aspect of MMA competition – the safest possible environment in which fighters can compete. Bringing together the UK’s leading and most established promotions under a single common goal was also a huge personal achievement for me.

Together we strive for the same end goal, but without the commitment of these major organisations to the concept of SAFE, our initial launch would have been so much more arduous. Even more excitingly the later birth of the UKMMAF, which will have dual member representation in the form of myself and my colleague Rosi Sexton, created a unique opportunity which allowed for mutual recognition between the UKMMAF and Safe MMA . Safe MMA with its solely unique approach to covering only the medical and safety aspect makes for a smooth transition, and an almost “plug-in” medical advisory application instantly in tandem with the growth of the additional facets that a full and true Governing Body will bring.

SAFE MMA welcomes all willing participants and new member promotions who also share in the same aim as the founding organisations. I very much look forward to the growth of member applicants into 2013 and beyond. The SAFE MMA project has been a long time coming.”

Rosi Sexton (SafeMMA Founding Board Member) said:

International Flyweight fighter, Rosi Sexton said: "Safe MMA is the way forward. It gives fighters the reassurance of knowing that their safety is being taken seriously, and will help the legitimacy and reputation of our sport as a whole. This is a milestone for UKMMA, and I'd urge all fighters, coaches and promoters to support it and get involved."

Why has Safe MMA been established?

Although Mixed Martial Arts is one of the World's fastest growing sport there are currently no medical standards in place for the sport in Britain. With the number of gyms and promotions growing, increasing numbers of competitors are putting their health and safety at risk. SAFE MMA looks to address the issue practically and in the simplest way possible, with its primary goal to establish standardised and voluntary, fighter safety passports. SAFE MMA passports will include:

  • A yearly medical
  • Six-monthly blood tests
  • Confidential database for competitors' well-being and current medical status 
  • Member promotions only using athletes found within the registered database 
  • Listed promotions enforcing medically advised suspensions to athletes under the register.
  • Affordable cost: Not-for-Profit medically led project with specially negotiated blood test rates.
  • Access to sports based medical advice that fighters can trust

The SAFE MMA launch will mark a huge step forward in UK MMA, being the first and only voluntary organisation set up for the protection and safety of the Mixed Martial Arts competitor. SAFE MMA will be looking to recruit and welcome additional MMA promotions within the UK. This project is set up to reach far and wide and to promote the safety of the sport and its’ competitors. Detailed information on how promotions can be found in the Q & A.

Safe MMA has been recognised by the UKMMAF as the preferred choice for fighter safety in the UK, and the two independent bodies are working side by side to improve safety measures within the sport. Marc Goddard and Rosi Sexton hold dual board membership to both the UK MMA Federation and SAFE MMA.

Go to SAFE MMA Q&A for more information

To register email info@safe-mma.co.uk or call 0207 637 7677
For press enquiries call press@safe-mma.co.uk

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