Oral Health Risk Reduction

We consider screening for oral health an essential part of your ongoing maintenance programme at 76 Harley Street. Early detection of oral cancer can make a significant difference to the eventual outcome.


Possible signs to look out for are a white or red patch appearing on the tongue, throat, inside of your cheeks, or on the roof or floor of your mouth or a painless mouth ulcer. If the patch or ulcer remain consistent in size and do not seem to be healing after a few weeks, then we advise you to make an appointment for it to be checked.

Treatment Options

We visually assess the soft tissues of the mouth. If any signs are detected that we believe need further examination, you will be referred to one of our specialist dentists. During your routine check-ups, your dentist or hygienist will always perform a careful visual check of the soft tissues.

Maintenance & Prevention

We always advise our patients to watch for any changes to the inside of the mouth, such as the appearance of white or red patches, as part of the at-home oral health regime we provide all patients with.