Why chewing is good for you

27th February 2017 | Blog

Those of us of a certain age will recall being told to chew our food properly by our parents and grandparents. To some extent this may have been the result of privation and rationing during and after the second world war when kids would bolt food as fast as they could in case there was […]

Why celebrities are opting for the perfect smile

20th February 2017 | Blog

The tabloid press delights in commenting on the latest cosmetic surgery that a celebrity has undergone but the focus is usually on tummy tucks, breast reduction/augmentation or face lifts. It’s only recently that they’ve cottoned on to the fact that improving your smile can be one of the most effective ways of rolling back the […]

Which type of veneers are right for me?

13th February 2017 | Blog

When opting for aesthetic or cosmetic dentistry one of the options to create that perfect smile is veneer therapy. As the name suggests these treatments involve full or partial facings of teeth to correct misalignment, form, colour and spacing issues. It’s an increasingly popular treatment but it’s not a simple yes or no choice. Veneers […]

Dentistry, autism and stories

6th February 2017 | Blog

Anyone who cares for an autistic child will know the difficulties involved in teaching day to day routine tasks and basic hygiene. Depending on the severity of the autism, oral health can be a particular cause for concern and there is some evidence to suggest that autistic children are particularly prone to a range of […]

Why oral piercings might not be such a good idea

28th January 2017 | Blog

Piercings are become increasingly popular, particularly amongst the younger generation and whilst they are generally regarded as no more than a cosmetic addition, there is some evidence to suggest that oral piercings could actually have a detrimental effect on oral and general health. Long and short term damage from piercings CEO of the Oral Health […]

Is it time to revitalise that smile for the New Year?

21st January 2017 | Blog

So, it’s January, possibly the most miserable month. You’re suffering from post Christmas blues and you’re on diet and there’s still no sign of Spring. Don’t despair, one thing you could to revitalise that smile is make an appointment to visit your dentist to get some aesthetic work done. Some treatment can be restorative and […]

Do you know how much sugar is in your can of pop?

14th January 2017 | Blog

We all know that fizzy drinks can be bad for our teeth if they contain too much sugar, but did you realise quite how much of the sweet stuff is in many popular brands available today? A recent survey, reported by the Guardian, showed that 55% of all carbonated drinks on sale in the UK […]

4 Tips for looking after your teeth

9th January 2017 | Blog

It’s easy to look after your teeth isn’t it? Just brush and floss twice a day, visit the dentist regularly and hey presto you’ll have a perfect set of teeth. Whilst these are important factors in maintaining good oral health there’s a little more to it if you want to give your teeth the TLC […]

Mouth Cancer Action Month

26th December 2016 | Blog

The Oral Health Foundation announced Mouth Cancer Action Month 2016 at the beginning of November and we, here at 76 Harley Street fully support the charity it its efforts to create a greater awareness of the danger of this deadly disease. The campaign takes place every November and it aims to draw attention to the […]

How to get a Christmas-party-perfect smile

19th December 2016 | Blog

The party season is upon us and if you want to look your best then you could do far worse than start with your smile. Here at 76 Harley Street we offer a range of aesthetic dental treatments to make sure your teeth are your best feature and give you the perfect smile for that […]