Festival goers face the prospect of tooth decay

26th September 2017 | Blog

As the festival season draws to close many revellers will return with more than just happy memories of their favourite bands. Tooth decay is one of the unfortunate side effects of spending time away from home and neglecting your normal oral hygiene routine. Ten percent don’t brush their teeth throughout the entire festival! A survey […]

Molar City, Mexico – Making us grateful for the UK dental system

21st September 2017 | Blog

We’ve heard a lot in the press about the movement of people from Mexico to the US, and vice versa, but one story caught our attention recently, one that bucked the trend of stories about crossing this contentious border. Apparently, there is a city close to the Mexican border which is nicknamed ‘Molar City’, and […]

Bad dental news for prosecco fans

15th September 2017 | Blog

It seems that in the last ten years prosecco has become the drink of choice in the UK. In 2009 we were buying two million litres of the Italian fizz which is an impressive statistic itself and by 2016 this had turned into a staggering 77 million litres with no sign of the growth abating. […]

Could oestrogen therapy cure post-menopausal gum disease

10th September 2017 | Blog

There have been several studies that have suggested a link between the development of periodontitis and osteoporosis in post-menopausal women. Until recently though, there has been no established connection between the treatments for the two conditions. Now a study published by the University of Buffalo has concluded that oestrogen therapy (typically prescribed for osteoporosis) has […]

Early intervention: the importance of treating gum disease fast

29th August 2017 | Blog

Bad breath that won’t go away however many times you clean your teeth. Red, swollen gums that bleed and are incredibly tender. Loose, sensitive teeth that can make chewing painful. There’s lots of reasons why you should seek treatment for gum disease, but a new study has further highlighted the importance of fast and early […]

A winning smile: Jennifer Aniston clear leader in dental stakes

22nd August 2017 | Blog

The Clinical and Cosmetic and Reconstructive (CCR) annual expo recently asked 100 UK dentists, surgeons, doctors, dermatologists and practice managers involved in the field of aesthetic work which celebrities had made the most effective use of cosmetic procedures. Jennifer Lopez, Cheryl Cole and Kylie Minogue in joint second place for celebrity dentistry Whilst there wasn’t […]

Bullying could be damaging your children’s teeth

15th August 2017 | Blog

It seems the old adage, ‘sticks and stones can break my bones but names will never hurt me’ might not be strictly true. New research just published in the Journal of Oral Rehabilitiation has indicated that teenagers who suffer from verbal bullying are four times more likely to suffer from the teeth grinding at night. […]

Churchill’s dentures fetch a fortune

7th August 2017 | Blog

Although you probably wouldn’t consider second hand dentures to have a significant value it really does depend on the provenance. Last month, a set of gold-plated false teeth belonging to Winston Churchill left the guide prices standing and sold for £15,200 at an auction in Norfolk. Churchill used to flick his teeth out in irritation […]

Who’s got the best celebrity smile and how to get one like it?

22nd July 2017 | Blog

A survey recently conducted in conjunction with National Smile Month (from 15 May to 15 June), concluded that Julia Roberts and Zac Efron had the UK’s favourite smiles. The full list for both categories can be found below. Keep a look out for Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn, both of who would probably have been […]

Do UK children visit the dentist early enough?

17th July 2017 | Blog

The Royal College of Surgeons Faculty of Dental Surgery has recently released data which indicates that eight in 10 children aged between one and two years in the UK did not visit an NHS dentist in 2016/17. Nigel Hunt, the Dean of the Faculty is unequivocal in his view, “in a nation which offers free […]