6 bizarre facts about teeth

20th April 2017 | Blog

In a bid to draw attention to World Oral Health Day this March the UK’s leading dental charity, the Oral Health Foundation published a set of interesting oral statistics and some bizarre teeth facts. Did you know for example that if a person follows brushing guidelines then they’ll spend as much time brushing their teeth in […]

Could Easter eggs be good for your teeth?

13th April 2017 | Blog

Although it may seem unbelievable, there is some evidence to suggest that chocolate could be a superfood for your mouth. Recent research released in England, Japan and the US indicates that eating chocolate could actually help reduce tooth decay. There’s even a suggestion that compounds within chocolate may replace fluoride one day. Antioxidants do the […]

Is Great Britain great at oral hygiene?

6th April 2017 | Blog

For many years, British oral health and bad teeth have been the butt of American jokes, from Austin Powers to the Simpsons’ Big Book of British Smiles. A recent survey carried out by YouGov, however, suggests that this is more fiction than fact. Ironically, beneath the glossy smiles of Hollywood, the US actually ranks very […]

Seven lesser-known facts about gum disease

27th March 2017 | Blog

Gum disease is one of the most common health conditions in the world with most adults having it to some extent. Despite its prevalence though, how much do people really know about it? Gum disease: the facts 1. The early stage of gum disease is known as gingivitis and is usually accompanied by bleeding gums […]

Vaping is healthier than smoking for your mouth? – don’t kid yourself

18th March 2017 | Blog

There’s been a lot in the press over the last year about vaping not being as safe as many people have been led to believe. Part of the problem is that it’s relatively new and no one has any definitive data about long terms health effects. There’s also a growing debate about whether e-cigarettes are […]

Is this a cure for gum disease after the menopause?

10th March 2017 | Blog

The menopause brings with it a range of health issues for many women. The effects vary from person to person, both in terms of symptoms and severity. They can range from difficulty sleeping and lack of concentration to osteoporosis where the bones weaken and become more prone to breaking. The condition is often first diagnosed […]

Can you really base life expectancy on degree of tooth loss?

1st March 2017 | Blog

As if tooth loss isn’t bad enough, research recently published in Periodontology 2000 suggests that it could also be linked to lifespan. It would appear from the study that the more teeth you lose then the shorter your life expectation. They found that that people who had a full set of teeth at 74 had […]

Why chewing is good for you

27th February 2017 | Blog

Those of us of a certain age will recall being told to chew our food properly by our parents and grandparents. To some extent this may have been the result of privation and rationing during and after the second world war when kids would bolt food as fast as they could in case there was […]

Why celebrities are opting for the perfect smile

20th February 2017 | Blog

The tabloid press delights in commenting on the latest cosmetic surgery that a celebrity has undergone but the focus is usually on tummy tucks, breast reduction/augmentation or face lifts. It’s only recently that they’ve cottoned on to the fact that improving your smile can be one of the most effective ways of rolling back the […]

Which type of veneers are right for me?

13th February 2017 | Blog

When opting for aesthetic or cosmetic dentistry one of the options to create that perfect smile is veneer therapy. As the name suggests these treatments involve full or partial facings of teeth to correct misalignment, form, colour and spacing issues. It’s an increasingly popular treatment but it’s not a simple yes or no choice. Veneers […]