Dr Aditi Desai

AditiDr Aditi Desai
Expert in sleep medicine

BDS (Wales), MSc (London) in Conservative Dentistry
GDC number 50962

Aditi is dedicated to the dental management of sleep disorders – in other words, she helps people who have trouble sleeping, either because of snoring or sleep apnoea.  Both are problems which should not be ignored, and for which help is available.

“I am writing to thank you for saving my marriage, my sanity, my health and ultimately my life. It sounds dramatic but it is true.”  

This is a comment from a patient who suffered from sleep apnoea for whom she fitted a ‘mandibular advancement device’ which allowed him to breathe and sleep normally without oxygen deprivation. 

These devices stop the lower jaw falling backwards during sleep. They hold the upper and lower jaws in their correct relationship, which keeps the essential ‘airway’ open, and so allows normal breathing.

She is a founder of Global Sleep Solutions, which she set up to raise awareness, provide education and give access to treatment for a wide range of sleep disorders.

Aditi qualified from the University of Wales in 1977 and studied for her MSc in Conservative Dentistry at University College London in 2004.

She is president of the British Society of Dental Sleep Medicine and has the required training to practise dental sleep medicine. You can find out more about sleep medicine at Global Sleep Solutions.

British Dental JournalOur sleep medicine expert and President of the British Society of Dental Sleep Medicine, Dr Adita Desai, has been interviewed in British Dental Journal: “I want dental sleep medicine to be taken seriously.”